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Gay, Bisexual and Men who have sex with Men

Gay: A man who has a sexual and/or romantic attraction towards men. The term can also be used to describe homosexuality in general.

Bisexual: Someone who has sexual and/or romantic attraction to both women and men. It is often used as an umbrella term that can include any other orientations where there is attraction to more than one gender.

MSM: Men who have sex with men.

Sexual health


Wearing condoms significantly reduces the risk of STI and HIV transmission. Make sure you’re doing it right- for more information on how to use a condom properly, click here. Remember to use water based lube. Oil based lubes weaken condoms and can cause them to break. 


The earlier you are diagnosed with HIV, the sooner you can start on medication. HIV medications are so good that you should be able to live a long and healthy life. Someone who is on effective HIV medication can't pass it on (undetectable=untransmittable). It’s important to get tested for HIV regularly so that you can catch it early and start treatment. Click here to find out more about our support services for people living with HIV. 


Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is an anti-HIV medication that is prescribed to a HIV negative person within 72 hours of potential exposure to HIV. Ideally it should be started within 24 hours. It needs to be taken for 28 days. A&E departments are able to start PEP when the clinic is closed.

PEP is recommended if there is a greater than 1 in 1000 chance of catching HIV. PEP is not recommended for human bites, discarded needlestick injury, or oral sex. For other situations we offer a discussion of risks versus benefits for taking PEP.

PEP is more effective the sooner it is taken, so please call our central booking line on 01904 721111 to attend the clinic for a discussion if you think you need it or attend A&E when the clinic is closed.


PrEP is a medication that can prevent you from catching HIV if you take it correctly. It is readily available free of charge from our service. For more information about PrEP, including how to take it correctly, click here

You can get PrEP for free if you are a:

HIV negative man who has condomless anal sex with other men. 

HIV negative person who is having condomless sex with partners who are HIV positive. 

HIV negative trans woman who has been identified as being at elevated risk of HIV acquisition through condomless sex.

STIs & Vaccinations

Ongoing monitoring, vaccination and screening and treatment for STIs is also freely available to help keep you healthy. 

Men who have sex with Men are also particularly at risk of catching Syphilis. It can be passed on through direct skin contact with someone who has a Syphilis rash or sores, or through unprotected sex. It is diagnosed with a blood test and is treated using antibiotics. It develops in three stages, each of which have different symptoms. For more information about this, check out this video:


We offer the following vaccinations within our service:

  • Hep A and B
  • HPV (available for those 45 and under)

Hepatitis A, B, and C are infections that affect the liver. Hepatitis A is associated with rimming and faecal transmission. Hepatitis B and C can be passed on through unprotected sex or sharing drug taking equipment. You can get tested for Hepatitis B and C at YorSexualHealth. We can also give you your Hepatitis A and B vaccinations if you are at risk of catching them through sex. There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C. Find out more about Hepatitis B and C by watching this video:

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is an STI that is spread by skin to skin contact. Certain types can lead to anal, penile or throat cancer. If you are a man who has sex with other men aged 15-45, you can get vaccinated for HPV at YorsexualHealth. Please click here for more information. 


If you are concerned about your chemsex use or just want to talk to us about safer use, call us on 01904 721111 to book a virtual appointment for a free confidential chat with one of our nurses.

Chemsex First Aid (

Useful links and support

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