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If you are LGBTQ+, it's just as important for you as for anyone else to use NHS services to keep yourself healthy.

If you feel able to, it's a good idea to tell your doctor or nurse if you're LGBTQ+. If we know about your sexuality, sexual preferences and any genital surgery, it's easier to discuss your life, relationships and health concerns. We can also keep an eye out for any health problems relevant to you.

Although LGBTQ+ people share the same health needs as heterosexuals and cisgender people, there are some important differences.

LGBTQ+ people may be less likely to have screening and testing. This could be because of fear of discrimination, or because they simply don't think they're at risk.

Our sexual health services are committed to providing a friendly and professional service to everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.

When you attend a clinic you do not have to give any personal information about your sexuality to the receptionist.

Our clinic has a mixed waiting area and our treatment rooms are not gender specific.

Our Specialist Clinical and Community Outreach Team (SCCOT) offers services to LGBTQ+ people in York and North Yorkshire including confidential HIV testing, free condoms and lubricant, 1-2-1 support and support groups.

Queer Peers 14-25 years for those who identify as LGBTQ+

Are you looking to connect to the local LGBTQ+ community in York and North Yorkshire?

Join a supportive, welcoming, inclusive, safe space to make friends, share experiences and have fun.

Meeting run bi-weekly online.

Contact Lilly via mobile 07855171280 or email Lilly.Allenby@York.NHS.UK

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