We are open if you require Sexual health/Contraception care, please continue to call our central booking line on 01904 721111 and press option 1.

Central booking line is open from - Monday – Thursday 8:15am – 5pm & Friday 8:15am – 4pm. Saturday 9am-12pm.

You will be assessed by our team and one of our nurses will call you to discuss the best way to get you the care you require.

If you require a STI screen only and you have no symptoms you may prefer to order a testing kit online from the website





For information on coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit https://www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/coronavirus-corvid-19-information/

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Postal Testing

Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Online testing services have been extended during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • YorSexualHealth offers free and confidential postal tests for people aged 16 years old and over living in North Yorkshire and York
  • It is common for people to have infections without noticing any symptoms, so getting tested is the only way to know whether or not you have a STI
  • If you have noticed significant symptoms such as pelvic or testicular pain or discharge from your penis please contact us on 01904 721111 for advice before testing
  • If you have noticed mild symptoms such as stinging or burning you can order a test kit online
  • If you have had sex with someone who you know has a STI we advise you to call us on 01904 721111 for advice about the right time for you to test and to discuss possible treatment
  • If you are worried about a risk of HIV in the last 72 hours please contact us as you may need treatment to prevent infection

Order a postal test kit for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

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