We are experiencing a high demand for our services and we are working hard to make sure that you are seen as quickly as possible.

Our colleagues on the phone lines will need to ask questions to help ensure that our urgent appointments are available for those who are most unwell.

Patients with non-urgent issues may wait a little longer for an appointment but most will still be seen within 14 days.

Your GP may be able to help with your contraception needs.  

Please be patient with our colleagues and thank you for your understanding.


We are open if you require Sexual health/Contraception care, please continue to call our central booking line on 01904 721111 and press option 1.

Central booking line is open from - Monday – Thursday 8:15am – 5pm & Friday 8:15am – 4pm. Saturday 9am-12pm.

You will be assessed by our team and one of our nurses may call you to discuss the best way to get you the care you require.

If you are aged 17 and under, you can text us on 07973 775692 to make an appointment Monday-Thursday 8.15am-5pm and Friday 8.15am-4pm.

 If you are unable to speak on the phone for any other reason (i.e. hearing impairment or at risk within your home) you can email us on www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/york/contact-us/

If you require a STI screen only and you have no symptoms you may prefer to order a testing kit online from the website





For information on coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit https://www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/coronavirus-corvid-19-information/

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I would like a coil exchange

You need to be sure that you do not have a sexually transmitted infection before a coiI exchange.

You should have a Chlamydia test if you are under the age of 25, had sex with someone new in the last 3 months or had more than one sexual contact in the last year. You don’t need to test if you have had a negative chlamydia test after these risks.

To order a chlamydia test please click here before booking an appointment.

Before you book an appointment please follow the steps below

1. Use the links below to read the information on the sexwise website and watch the videos:

This will give you the information to help you decide if this is still the right method for you. If you would like to discuss your options further please call 01904 721111 to arrange to talk to a clinician.

Information on the copper coil (IUD)

Information on the hormonal coil (IUS)

What to expect when you get your coil fitted

Having the copper coil as contraception

Having the hormonal coil as contraception 

2. How to make sure you are not at risk of being pregnant at the time of your coil exchange: 

The IUD and IUS can usually be exchanged at any time in your cycle, unless you could be pregnant. If there is a risk that you might be pregnant then we may have to reschedule your fitting.

If your current IUD/IUS device has not yet expired then you must avoid sex or use condoms in the 7 days before your appointment or you may be at risk of pregnancy

If your current IUD/IUS device has expired then you have two options:

  1. Do not have unprotected sex from day 1 of your last period, until your appointment (or avoid sex for three weeks if your periods are irregular)

  2. Arrange to use an additional short-acting form of contraception, for example, pill, patch, vaginal ring, for at least four weeks before your coil is exchanged.


3. Preparation checklist:

Our self-assessment checklist will help you to decide if you are ready to have your exchanged.  You will need to print a copy of our self-assessment checklist and bring a completed copy to your appointment.

Click here to download the self-assessment checklist.

4. On the day of your appointment:


5. Booking your appointment:

Please ring the YSH booking line on 01904 721111 to arrange a suitable coil exchange appointment. If your coil has already expired or you are wanting to change the type of coil you will be offered an initial telephone assessment with a clinician.

YSH is a training service. This means there may sometimes be a qualified nurse or doctor in training working alongside the YSH practitioner at your appointment.