26th March 2019

Chlamydia treatment guidelines changed in September 2018:


The recommended ‘first line’ treatment is Doxycycline 100mg twice a day for seven days (not safe to use in pregnancy). An alternative ‘second line’ treatment is  Azithromycin 1g as a single dose, followed by 500mg once daily for two days.


Prior to September 2018, Azithromycin was commonly used as a single dose treatment (1g taken all on one day) but is no longer considered effective. If you have been prescribed Azithromycin as a single dose (rather than over 3 days) we recommend that you either discuss the option of taking Doxycycline (if appropriate) or that you re-test for chlamydia 6 weeks after taking Azithromycin. Please note that tests done less than 6 weeks after treatment may not give a reliable result.


If you want further advice about chlamydia treatments please contact us on 01904 721111 or visit https://www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk