How do you get tested?

The test is very simple and you won't need to be examined. You can either pee in a pot or women can use a self-taken vaginal swab. All tests are free, can be requested online (and come in discreet packing the size of a few DVDs) or picked up across York and North Yorkshire and include easy instructions.

YSH test sites - for under 25 year olds

There are many places in York and North Yorkshire where you can collect a testing kit. Call our central office on 01904 725440 to find out where your local test sites are, or ask your doctor, nurse or youth worker for help.

YSH postal tests

If you would like to do a test at home and send it to us please click here

Postal kits can also be picked up from any of our YSH clinics

If you are under 16, you can still get tested, but it's important to speak with a nurse, doctor or youth worker first.

STI postal tests - for all ages

If you want to be checked for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and syphilis in one test you can order a test kit here.


Things to think about before you test

  • Wait at least two weeks between a risk (eg sex with a new partner) and taking the test - testing too soon may miss an early infection.

  • Follow the test instructions carefully to ensure you get an accurate test result.

  • Avoid testing during a period - blood may lead to a false negative result.

  • Your test will not tell you whether or not your partner has chlamydia - get him or her to test too whenever possible.

  • If you have had treatment for chlamydia, wait at least six weeks before you re-test. Testing earlier than this may give a false positive result.

The results

  • You will get your results within 2 weeks of being tested.

  • We can write to you, phone you or text you, whichever you prefer.

  • All contact will be totally confidential.

  • No test is 100% accurate so, rarely, the test may give a false result.

  • Your result may be different from your sexual partner's.