21st September 2015

YSH on BBC Radio One Newsbeat

Our Clinical Director, Dr Ian Fairley spoke to BBC Radio One's Newsbeat on Friday about 'Super Gonorrhoea' a new strain of the sexually transmitted infection.

While we haven't seen any cases locally in North Yorkshire and York it is important that if you have any symptoms or concerns that you get yourself to one of our clinics. If left untreated Gonorrhoea can have long term complications for women, which is why it is important that you make contact with your sexual partners if you find out that you have the STI.

This is where our staff can help. It doesn't need to be difficult and embarassing, our experienced and friendly staff can make this contact on your behalf - it can even be done anonymously if you would prefer.  

To read the full article click here >> Newsbeat.


Super-gonorrhoea - Newsbeat 18 Sept 2015

If you have any questions or concerns contact our booking and information line on 01904 721111, where you can make an appointment to attend one of our clinics or ask to speak to a nurse.