***Our Queue & Wait service is no longer running and has been replaced by same day access. To book a slot, please call 01904 721111.***

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It is still a work in progress so please bear with us.

**** If you are wanting to attend our Monkgate service please check our new clinic opening times as there have been significant changes therefore you may need to call 01904 721111 before attending ****

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What will happen when I first arrive?

What will happen when I first arrive?

When you first arrive for the walk-in service please pick up a number from reception, then have a seat and wait for your number to be called by a receptionist.

The receptionist will then take a few details from you and ask you to read a short list of options about why you’ve come into clinic. It’s really important to point to the right option for you so that we can make sure you see the right member of the clinic team. This helps to make your visit as smooth as possible. If you would prefer to see a male or female nurse or doctor, let the receptionist know and we will do our best to arrange this.

Once you’ve done this you will be added to the queue to see the next available member of the clinic team according to your needs.