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Have your say on the delivery of Sexual Health Services in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire County Council wishes to put in place a formal partnership (referred to as a “Section 75 Partnership Agreement”) with York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to work collaboratively to deliver the fully Integrated Sexual Health Service responsibility on behalf of the council. This partnership agreement will delegate sexual health services to York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The NHS and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangements Regulations 2000 stipulate that “the partners may not enter into any partnership agreements [under Section 75 (S75) of the NHS Act 2006] unless they have consulted jointly such persons as appear to them to be affected by such arrangements”.


North Yorkshire County Council and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are jointly consulting for the purpose of the proposed collaborative arrangement.  This is a 30-day consultation beginning on 7 October 2019 and ending on 6 November 2019. For any questions about this consultation please email nypublichealth@northyorks.gov.uk

The Section 75 Agreement will be a partnership agreement with current Provider York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust under Section 75 of national Health Services Act 2006, to work collaboratively to continue to deliver a fully integrated sexual health service. The agreement will also involve the setting up of a joint management board between North Yorkshire County Council and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to oversee the agreement, improve integrated pathways and ways of working and develop a joint accountability framework. The Partnership Agreement itself will not directly affect the service model.

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