16th November 2018

A call has gone out to adults of all ages to forget fears of HIV, and take steps to be tested. YorSexualHealth, in partnership with Yorkshire MESMAC, are encouraging people, especially from black African backgrounds and gay and bisexual men, to take an HIV test, and help lead the way in preventing its transmission.

The call comes in the run up to National HIV Testing Week from Saturday, November 17, when sexual health organisations are joining forces to highlight how medical advances and extensive support means a positive HIV result no longer carries the life-altering impact it once had. Modern medication means anyone living with HIV can enjoy a full and healthy future without fear of passing the virus on to their partners, ensuring they can continue to enjoy an active sex life and even go ahead and plan a family.

Testing is free and confidential. You can order a test kit online here or visit any one of our clinics.

Our Community Outreach Team, Yorkshire MESMAC, also offer free, fast and confidential HIV testing throughout York and North Yorkshire. You can book an appointment online here or call their York office on 01904 620400 or their North Yorkshire office on 01609 258745. Find out everything they're doing for HIV Testing week here.


More information about HIV, including medication that can help prevent you getting it is available here.