Stay safe, have fun

Sex should be pleasurable and enjoyable for everyone!

No one should force you to have sex or put pressure on you to have sex, and it's fine to delay having sex until you are really sure that it's right for you.

Having sex with someone who has not agreed to it, is considered to be sexual assault - being drunk is never an excuse.

Unfortunately, alcohol often contributes to unplanned or unprotected sex, so it's worth making sure you have friends around to watch out for you if you are drinking a lot.

Drinks can get spiked with 'date rape' drugs, so never leave a drink unattended, and try and get your drinks in bottles rather than glasses to reduce the risk.


Condoms are a great way of protecting yourself, and take away the worry you may have about sexually transmitted infections.

Most people with an STI don't know that they have it, or may be too embarrassed to talk about it, so it's risky to have unprotected sex unless you and your partner are absolutely sure that you have no hidden infections.

Contraception, such as the pill or implant, will only protect against pregnancy, not against STIs.

There are many types of condoms available, with different sizes, shapes and sensations to suit everyone! It may take a little while to get used to using condoms, but they certainly don't need to make sex less pleasurable.

Water-based lubricants can help to make sex with condoms even safer and more enjoyable. Take care with oils, such as baby oil, sun cream or even lipstick, as these may damage the condom.

Click here for more info on where to get free condoms and how to use them safely.

Sex and Relationships for the over 50's

Relationships and sex can change throughout the years. For information and support relating to those age 50 and over, please click here