Free condoms

Condoms are a great way to help protect yourself against most sexually transmitted infections (including HIV and Chlamydia) and pregnancy.

You can use condoms for different types of sex including oral, vaginal and anal.

It's important that you use the right type of condom for the sex you are having. Advice about this will be offered when you collect your free condoms.

For more information about condoms as a form of contraception click here.

You can get free condoms (and lube) from lots of places including:

  • You can order condoms via our website. Click here to order
  • Sexual health clinics

  • Most GP practices (if you're under 25)

  • Some school nurses and college services

  • Youth workers and youth clubs

  • Youth support centres

Our Community Outreach Team supplies free condoms and lubricant, which you can collect from their office in York. You can also request for them to be sent to you by post in a plain envelope if you are a man who has sex with men, an LGBT* young person or from an African community in the York and North Yorkshire region. The condom packs can be sent out weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you would like to request condoms by post, please click here.

Top tips for using condoms

  • Keep your condoms in a cool dark place.

  • Condoms don't last forever. Check the use-by date.

  • Keep your condoms handy if there's any chance you may have sex. Always have a spare.

  • Sperm comes out well before a guy 'comes' so put a condom on before you get going.

  • 'Gel Charging' putting a little extra lube on the head of the penis before you roll the condom on can feel extra good.

  • Never use a condom more than once

  • Dispose of your condoms carefully wrapped in paper in a bin, never put them down the toilet as they can cause a blockage, and never throw them away in the street or in open spaces.