My Sexual Health

Welcome to the 'My sexual health' pages where you'll find information and support for a range of sexual health issues which may affect you.

Sex and sexuality can provoke strong emotions and looking after your sexual health isn't just about stopping a pregnancy or STI infection, it's also about feeling good and getting the most out of the relationships you choose to have.

Sometimes help is needed to cope with the aftermath of sex or a relationship which has been abusive or against a person's will, and as most abusers and perpetrators are known and trusted by the person abused, this can be extremely confusing and distressing.

Whatever your issue, it's worth finding out the facts and information for yourself and making up your own mind about what's best for you. Never let someone else decide what's right for you.

All the services and support named on this page are free and confidential and if you can't find what you're looking for you might like to contact your local clinic who will be happy to help and guide you.

If you are studying at university or college in York visit our students page for more information on your sexual health.

Your Rights

We hope that if you attend any of our sexual health or contraception services you will feel welcome and comfortable. If you attend any of our clinics you have the right:

  • To a confidential service
  • To privacy, no need to discuss details in open areas
  • To be listened to and treated with respect
  • Not to be patronised, judged or discriminated against
  • To bring a friend or partner for support (occasionally the nurse or doctor may need to speak to you on your own for part of the consultation.
  • To book and attend an appointment without a parent or carer
  • To request whether you are seen by a male or female staff member (your request will be accomodated wherever possible
  • To compliment, complain or give us feedback