Q) How long will I wait to be seen in a Queue & Wait clinic?

A) We cannot predict how busy a Queue & Wait clinic will be as it depends on how many people choose to attend. If you are coming to a Queue & Wait clinic be prepared to wait and be aware we have several clinics running at the same time, which may mean some service users are seen sooner than others ie if they have an appointment.

Q) Will I have to pay for my treatment?

A) Treatment is FREE.

Q) Is my appointment with a male or female nurse/doctor

A) You may request to see either. However we do have more female staff than male so we may not be able to accomodate all requests.

Q) Who will be able to see the information we keep for you?

A) See our privacy policy click here.

Q) Will my parents find out I've been to clinic?

A) You are entitled to a confidential service, however occasionally we do have to share information with other people if you tell us something that makes us suspect you may come to harm or may harm others, find out more information here.

Q) How soon can I do a pregnancy test after I have had sex?

A) It takes at least 3 weeks to show on a urine pregnancy test.

Q) Can I get pregnant if he pulls out before he comes?

A) Yes you can still get pregnant as there is a small amount of semen in the fluid that is produced prior to a man ejaculating (coming).

Q) I've had sex without using a condom, I don't want to get pregnant, what shall I do?

A) The sooner you get emergency contraception the better click here for more information.

Q) I've forgotten some pills in my pill pack, what should I do?

A) You may be at risk of getting pregnant, to seek advice about getting emergency contraception click here.

Q) How soon can I test for sexually transmitted infections?

A) It can take up to 2 weeks after sex with a new partner for gonorrhoea and chlamydia to show on a test, so we recommend testing after this. unless you have any symptoms in which case come to a clinic ASAP.

For HIV testing you can get some reasurance by a result if you test 4 weeks after sex, however we would advice all patients to test again for HIV and Syphilis 12 weeks after sexa s the result will be much more accurate.

Q) How do I get my results?

A) Results of routine tests - HIV, syphilis, gonnorrhea and chlamydia take up to 7 days. An automated text will be generated if your results are negative (a negative result means you do NOT have an infection). If your result shows anything that requires further action we will call you on the number you said was ok to use.

Q) If a test comes back as positive does that mean I have an infection and can it be treated?

A) Yes a positive result means you have an infection. Depending which test comes back as positive, most sexually transmited infections can be treated with antibiotics (chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis) others may require long term treatment to manage them (HIV). Where as others may have episodes that require management at times (warts & herpes), but are harmless to your health.

Q) Will I get tested for everything?

A}) No. What we routinely test for is chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV. Certain infections can only be diagnosed at the time if they are visibly present, such as warts and herpes.

Q) Would I know if I had HIV?

A) No a person could have this virus and be perfectly well for years,the only way to know for sure is to have an appropriately timed blood test.

Q) My partner has tested negative for HIV. Does this mean I don't need to test for HIV?

A) Not necessarily, you cannot rely on a partners result for any infection. You can only know if you don't have an infection by having an appropiately test your self.