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Date You Said  We Did 
June 2017

 The staff at YorSexualHealth Clinic in York were so understanding and easy to talk to. When i first went in i was really nervous but the receptionist was so easy to talk to and i soon felt comfortable. the nurse who i was with was also beyond kind and knew how to have a laugh at the right times. she was so understanding and i felt like i could tell her everything - very good service.

 We appreciate that people often feel nervous about attending a sexual health service for the first time and will continue to do all we can to offer reassurance and support to everyone who attends.


 May 2017


I would like to express my gratitude for the kind and caring treatment I received last week when I had an IUS fitted. Dr Malik could tell I was nervous about the pain and made the fit as pain free as she could. Unfortunately I felt quite unwell afterwards, feeling very sick and unable to sit up. Karen, the nurse who was also there for the fit was absolutely fantastic. She looked after me, gave me some ginger tea and did everything she could to try and make me feel better. Her kindness and compassion was incredibly touching, especially when looking after me made her late for her lunch break! I can't sing her praises high enough and am incredibly grateful to have had her there at that time.

 We've shared this with our staff, who always try to show kindness and compassion, especially when things are difficult. We will make sure to keep a good stock of tea!

April 2017


I attended the clinic today for treatment and was treated so well! I was most impressed with how I was handled in reception and how the nurse reassured me and made me feel comfortable. Just wanted to pass on my feedback. Thank you.

 We appreciate this feedback and have shared it with the York team

April 2017


I'd like to say a huge thank you to Dr Malik and the team of nurses at Monkgate Health Centre, who provided fantastic support when I went to have an emergency IUD fitted. The team were professional, but exceptionally friendly and approachable, so the whole experience was efficient and stress-free. I was very grateful for the fact my boyfriend was allowed to sit in for the procedure, and staff chatted to him too. Overall a (relatively) pain-free experience, and top-quality care. Thank you.

 We've shared this with Dr Malik and the York team. We appreciate that having an emergency coil fitted can seem a bit daunting so our staff will always try to be as supportive as possible

April 2017

 I would like to say thank you to Dr Naila Rafique and the team at Harrogate clinic for the excellent level of care and professionalism that I received from booking my appointment, the telephone consultation and the actual consultation with Dr Rafique. I was anxious about attending the clinic but the experience was really positive and stress-free. Wishing you all the best.

 We'll pass this on to the team who will continue to do their best to make sure everything as stress-free as possible for everyone needing our services

 April 2017


I would like to say a huge thank you for the fantastic counselling I received at Monkgate. Tracey Howarth is brilliant at her job, friendly, kind, understanding and has helped me move forward, in a way I never thought I would be able to. Thank you so much. I can't believe how much we worked through in eight sessions and I am so grateful for the help I have received. I truly would have been lost with out it and feel so much better because of it. I really hope the NHS can keep funding such fantastic support. Many thanks again for such a professional service.

 We've shared this feedback with Tracey and our York team who will be really pleased that your counselling has helped you move forward. If anyone thinks that sexual health counselling could help them, more information is available here

 March 2017


I have had to visit the YSH Monkgate on two occasions in the last six months. On both times the all the staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful, reassuring and knowledgeable. I feel this service is invaluable to patients and has the right attitude towards sexual health and contraception. This something you don't get at your local GP surgery. It's a tailor made service and is exactly what individuals need at a time that could be stressful; especially for those that are younger, in a difficult situation or haven't encountered sexual health issues in the past. I was fortunate enough to be assisted by a nurse of the name Janet recently, I could not be more complementary ab out her. Janet and all the other staff seem to have a lot of expertise in this field and have a friendly, open manner which is what this type of service should have. Especially in situations where people may be inclined to be embarrassed or hold back information. The Monkgate service is exceptional and I would recommend it to anyone in need of advice or in need of this type of medical assistance.

 This is great feedback and we'll share it with our Monkgate team. We appreciate how difficult it can be to talk about very personal issues but our staff always do their best to help our service users feel comfortable and

March 2017

 Dr Rafique managed to locate and remove my sub dermal implant which my local doctor had inserted far too deeply and which had gone into my muscle. Dr Rafique was lovely and did a great job. Thanks also to Sarah Dobson who talked to me throughout the procedure and was so nice

 We've shared this with Dr Rafique and Sarah. The implant is an excellent form of contraception and is usually easy to put in or take out. The YSH team are always happy to help with any problems you may experience

Feb 2017

 Having never accessed a sexual health service before I was quite nervous to go and ask for an STI screening but immediately the receptionist (Honor) at the Monkgate clinic in York made me feel at ease and was so lovely, I never felt judged by any of the staff there and although there was a bit of a wait to be seen for the walk in clinic, it's a fantastic service with very friendly and approachable nurses. 

 We've passed this lovely message on to Honor and the York team. Lots of people feel nervous about attending a clinic but our staff will always do their best to help you feel at ease

Feb 2017

 I had the IUS fitted in York today and want to leave positive feedback about my experience. This was my second attempt and I honestly thought it wouldn't be successful because my cervix is very tight and the position of my uterus is awkward. All the members of staff I saw on my first visit and second visit were very friendly, professional and very experienced! I knew the coil would be difficult to fit in my case but Dr Malik was excellent and worked her magic so that it was a painless and easy procedure. I am delighted that I now have the coil fitted and thank you to Dr Francis for her knowledge and kindness on my first visit and thank you to Dr Malik for her expertise and successfully fitting the coil! Very happy with the experience. 

 We've shared this positive feedback with our York team. Although the IUS is a great method of contraception, we understand that the thought of having it fitted can be a bit daunting. We hope this message will help to reassure others!

Feb 2017

 Please thank Tanya for her excellent service

 We've passed the message on and appreciate it!

 Feb 2017

 I was at Ripon for my initial visit ( walk in clinic) , a fantastic service for Ripon as easy to attend and local. The staff where really friendly. A lovely atmosphere. I was sorted quickly and had a full MOT great peace of mind. Booked in for a coil fitting at Harrogate. Have just attended for my fitting and Dr N Rafique and nurse Louise made me feel very comfortable. The Dr was professional, helpful with questions and quick with the fitting. Thank you

 We've let our Ripon team know about this great feedback. We are currently unable to fit coils at Ripon and appreciate that it is not ideal to have to travel to Harrogate, so we are very grateful for the flexibility of our service users

 Jan 2017

  I would just like to take the time to both thank and recognise the level of care and professionalism that I received from Tanya in the York Monkgate clinic. It's not everyday when someone can make you feel so at ease and reassured in what can be an embarrassing situation, I have never received such a caring, supportive and nurturing service like this and feel this needs to be recognised. Please can you pass this on to both Tanya and her manager. Thank you so much

 We've shared this with Tanya and her manager. It is really encouraging and supportive for our staff to receive such positive feedback

Nov 2016

 I recently attended a clinic in Skipton, in what can only be described as a very anxious state following the discovery of my partners infidelity. I was treated with care, compassion & professionalism throughout my consultation. The nurse who dealt with me was Hazel and she was so lovely with me. I decided to leave this comment because I was so worried about attending the clinic but the experience was really positive and maybe other people will benefit from knowing this.

 We've passed on this kind message to Hazel. All of our staff will always do their best to be professional and caring - we understand how difficult it can feel for people visiting a clinic for the first time

 Oct 2016


I recently visited the YOR Sexual Health clinic in Catterick on very short notice and I just wanted to thank the staff for being so caring and professional.  They saw me very quickly and put my mind at rest in a period of great unease. 

I'd definitely recommend the service to anyone who had any sexual health concerns. Even the staff on the telephone service were fantastic when I called and requested an emergency appointment. 

 We've shared this with our local team. We will always try and accomodate emergency visits - our booking team can help if you call 01904 721111

 Oct 2016

I would just like to thank those working at Monkgate Sexual Health clinic. I am visiting York from London for the weekend and developed symptoms. Really thankful we are so lucky to have the NHS and your service was there to help.

Very helpful telephone chat with the nurse, speedy and professional receptionist and a excellent friendly doctor who sorted me out.

All in under a hour.

 This is good to hear!  Our free and confidential NHS services in York and North Yorkshire are open to anyone, regardless of where they live

 Oct 2016


This is not the first time ive been to YorSexualHealth clinic and each time I have been, I've been welcomed warmly by a friendly team of professionals. Today I was seen by two ladies, who were amazing. The first lady was a Sister/head nurse of the clinic (Tanya) and the other nurse was called Sue. They were great and made me feel at ease and less nervous about having my implant taken out. Due to recently committing to a same sex relationship I didnt require any other contraception. Their openmindedness and down to earth approach on the situation made my visit at the clinic a very positive one. I came away afterwards feeling happy and uplifted. They are a credit to the NHS and the YorSexualHealth clinic in York. Thanks ladies!

 Great feedback for our nurses! We hope it will help reassure others that our staff will do their best to be helpful and supportive and that it's OK to talk about sexuality and relationships if you visit any of our services 

Sep 2016


I would just like to say a huge thank you to Paul Cooke, the sexual health counsellor at Scarborough clinic. He made the whole experience undaunting and his quiet, gentle, friendly and welcoming manner was perfect for the sensitive nature of the job he does. He is an absolute credit to your service and a huge asset. He has helped me massively move forward in just eight sessions. Such a shame that the NHS doesn't fund any more than this. Sanjeeva, the doctor I saw prior to the counselling, was also very professional and put me at ease with her kind, gentle manner. It was refreshing to see a doctor who had more than ample time for seeing me and wasn't rushed. I did find the whole process of getting to the first appointment frustrating and confusing. I was given a York phone number and didn't know who or where I was calling. Also my GP wasn't aware of the self referral option available at the service and this would've made the whole process quicker and easier I think.

 This is really nice feedback for our counsellor and doctor in Scarborough. We will look at ways of making it easier and quicker to get a counselling appointment and will do more to promote the online self referral process with local GPs

Sep 2016

My patient experience at Scarborough was excellent. The receptionist was very caring and supportive. In my case shared my tears along with giving me a hug when I left. The nurse Tanya very knowledgeable. Thank you both so much.

 We have shared this lovely message with our caring team at Scarborough - thank you

Sep 2016
 I would like to thank to Doctor Baker, nurse Sue and Jackie. They are real professionals. 

 Thank you so much; we'll pass on your compliment!

Aug 2016
So pleased to see postal testing added. Thank you! Staff at this clinic have always been fantastic. Once a member of staff made a slight error, I hadn't realised but one phone call later I was informed and informed of what actions would be taken. Great transparency and gave me confidence in the service. A very busy service with staff that work very hard. Much appreciated service.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us we're glad you like the postal testing - thanks for your kind comments, we've passed them on to our teams!

Aug 2016
The staff were completely relaxed and professional, and the atmosphere was very much the same as if I had gone for treatment for flu or any other less "sensitive" issue. They bent over backwards to fit me in at a time convenient to me, and I came away feeling very reassured. Thank you to all of you! As a suggestion, maybe test results on paper, listing the tests carried out, might be a good way to reassure new partners of a clear result. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to feed back to us about your visit to clinic; we really appreciate your comments and have shared them with our staff.


We are always grateful for suggestions on how we could improve our service and we will discuss your proposal for providing test results in writing with our clinical and management teams. 

Aug 2016
 I wanted to say thank you for providing a wonderful service - I was a bit nervous about coming into the clinic but the staff were so kind, helpful and professional and made me feel at ease. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for taking the time to contact us - we really appreciate your kind comments!

July 2016
“Jono dealt with a situation with utmost sensitivity and professionalism, whilst also being warm, friendly and comforting. He is a credit to your service and made a big impact on us. We thought he was perfect and far exceeded our expectations of what our experience that day would be like”.

Thank you for your feedback, it's wonderful to hear, we'll pass this on to Jono.

July 2016

"Frances was lovely, she explained things clearly so it was easy to understand but not patronising. You didn’t rush my daughter or I, but took time to meet our needs."

Thank you for the lovely feedback, we'll pass this on to Frances.

July 2016

"I am emailing to thank you for your support with the recent girls group that we ran.  The session went really well and the staff who came from your team were brilliant.  They engaged the young girls and put them at ease and managed to open up some great discussions with them.  I feel confident that they would all feel comfortable to access sexual health services having encountered such a positive session with your team. The debates and discussions continued on the way home and into the next session!"

Thank you for your feedback, we're really glad to hear the session helped the girls discuss their sexual health.

June 2016

"I have heard great things about this service before so I don't take my one off experience into account when judging the service overall, but when I attended and appointment to confront my fears of having contracted genital warts I wasn't given the information surrounding the infection in the best format. The nurse stated I had HPV, which as someone who has not heard much about STIs in general terrified me as the first link I made in my head was to HIV. I was told that I would have the infection for the rest of my life, given a leaflet on genital warts and herpes and sent on my way after treatment. The nurse was lovely but I feel had she avoided using medical terminology a s much I would have gotten a better overall explaination of the impact of having warts and would not have experiences the weeks of uncertainty and unhappiness that faced me after I left. I felt like I was in an awful situation, and that I had put other people on that awful situation and I was very down for a while following the diagnosis. As it turns out after doing more research and talking to more people, having this infection is not a life changing as it seemed to me at the time of the nurse's explaination and had the information been given to me in a more personable and understandable format a lot of stress and upset could have been avoided. As I say I do not hold this against my opinion of YorSexualHealth which I believe to be a fantastic service full of helpful and caring staff, but it is something to bear in mind for anyone else who may come in going through the same thing as I did."

We are really sorry that your experience left you feeling uncertain and worried about the future. It is very important to us that we do all we can to support people attending our services.  

We will share your feedback with our staff and remind them of the importance of avoiding medical terminology or 'jargon' when discussing a diagnosis.  

Genital warts are very common. In England, they are the second most common type of STI after chlamydia. They are the result of a viral skin infection caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They are usually painless and do not pose a serious threat to health, but they can be unpleasant to look at and cause psychological distress. For more information you may wish to visit the NHS Choices website

June 2016

"The whole team were amazing, from the initial phone call to meeting reception staff, then the consultation. We were instantly at ease with no awkwardness and plenty of valuable information.

"The team were friendly, extremly helpful and knowledgable. I would highly recommend the centre, their professionalism and team spirit shone through at every opportunity. Thank you Emma, Sue and Tanya so much for such a valuable service."

Thank you so much for your lovely message and your praise for our staff. We will share your feedback with Emma, Sue, Tanya and all the team, who will be really pleased to know that the experience was a positive one for both you and your daughter.


June 2016

"I would really like to pass on my thanks to the nurse and doctor I saw today at heatherdene in Harrogate (I wish I'd taken note of their names). They both went out of their way to treat me with compassion and professionalism. An excellent service that I'm so glad I found."

Thank you so much for your message about your experience at Harrogate. We will pass it on to the team there, who will be really pleased to hear that you had a good visit.



June 2016

"Disappointed to hear today that you are stopping appointments at majority of clinics in York. Making harder for people to attend. Hoping this is this something you will reconsider."

All of our York sexual health services are very busy and so we constantly review how best to provide a mix of appointments and walk-in clinics that will suit as many people as possible. We really appreciate your feedback as the views of our service users are of great importance to us whenever we look at making changes.

May 2016

"FANTASTIC. I have been using YorSexualHealth in York for some years now, I have seen Dr. Malik who was always very friendly and helpful, always provided me with lots of advice and helpful information. The love, care and professional advice is the most important thing service users and patients are looking for and Dr. Malik needs praising  as she is fantastic doctor and person. I would like to thank her and her colleagues for their kindness and professionalism." 

Thank you for your lovely feedback. We've passed on your kind words to Dr Malik and team.

May 2016

"I just wanted to write to thank you for an excellent service. Dr Malik and her team have provided a fantastic service. Not only have they diagnosed and treated my problem they have taken time to follow up to see how I am which I have never had within the NHS before. Thank you again for an excellent service."

We've passed on your kind words to Dr Malik and team. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

May 2016

"People don't always give praise when it's due! I attended Monkgate recently for an appointment, there was a nice atmosphere in the clinic and everyone who dealt with me from making my appointment to me leaving was lovely."

We've passed on your comments to the team at Monkgate. Thanks for taking the time to get in touch.  

May 2016

"An exemplary service from an excellent team. From start to finish I received a professional and informative service and I would like to extend my thanks to all staff involved. You provide a welcoming, discreet environment, friendly supportive care and timely results. Thank you for such a fantastic service."

Thank you for such kind words which we have shared with the team. 

April 2016

A service user in Scarborough said: "The clinic is the role model and sets the standard for the NHS as a whole. The attitude of all the staff is superb."

Wow - what great feedback thank you for getting in touch. We will share this compliment with our staff.

April 2016

"I attended clinic and just wanted to say how impressed i was with the service and how grateful i am for the care I received. The receptionist I initially spoke to over the phone was very friendly and efficient. The nurse who rang me back was excellent and arranged an appointment for me for later the same day! I didn't have to wait long at the clinic before I was called in. The nurse I saw was kind and easy to talk to. She put me at ease. She gave me plenty of time to talk about my concerns and ask questions. I know they were having a particularly busy day, but I never felt rushed or like I was just another patient. She was also very knowledgeable and explained everything to me with great patience. The doctor inserted a coil straight after my session with the nurse. She was also very kind and concerned about my level of pain and that I knew what to expect both during and after the procedure. The nurse who chaperoned the procedure was cheerful and caring and helped to put me at ease as much as possible when you're having a coil inserted. Overall it was a very positive experience during a pretty stressful time for me."

Thank you for getting in touch. We're pleased to hear that your experience was positive.

April 2016

"I attended Heatherdene in Harrogate today and had an appointment with Elizabeth. Thank you Elizabeth for being so kind and understanding. Your attitude and patience was wonderful and put me at ease straight away and helped me to answer your questions truthfully without embarrassment. I found the whole experience helpful and informative. Thank you. I should also mention the receptionist who was very helpful and discrete. Thank you everyone!"

We've passed on your kind words to Elizabeth and the team in Harrogate. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

April 2016

We recieved the following comment from a patient from South Africa: "I was so pleased with the service I received, especially the nurse Tanya. The service here is far superior compared back home. I didn’t expect nurses to be so nice and understanding which made me feel very comfortable." The patient even left Tanya a chocolate bar to say thank you!

Great to have praise from an international patient - we've passed on your kind words to Tanya and the team.  

April 2016

I'd just like to pass on how happy I was with my experience at the sexual health centre at Monkgate. I have been there a few times and have always had a good experience. Today was the same - the staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and took time to talk to me and make me feel at ease. I saw Dr Malik and another nurse. They gave a really good service. Thank you!

We passed these lovely comments on to the team and shared on Facebook too, thanks for the feedback!

February 2016

Although I waited 50 minutes after my initial appointment time, the nurse (Sally) was kind, understanding, helpful and cared about me and my health. Fantastic, thanks so much. 

Thank you for your positive comments.

I am sorry that you had to wait a long time in clinic – we aim to ensure that people are seen by a healthcare professional within 20 minutes of their booked appointment time, or within 2 hours in our walk-in clinics. Unfortunately there are sometimes unexpected situations which can cause delays.

We will look into any issues that may have caused delays on the day you attended so that we can do our best to improve things in the future.

January 2016

When making my appointment I was advised it was at Dyneley House Surgery.  So as advised I attended the surgery to be told it was in a different building: Dyneley House Barn at the end of the car park.

Receptionists now advise service users where the barn is at the back of the car park. We have also updated this clinic page with these directions on and are in the process of adding photos of each clinic to our website too.

November 2015

I have attended three appointments at YorSexual Health and would just like to say what a pleasant experience I have had from all members of staff. The receptionists in the clinic and on the phones are always friendly and endeavour to be as discreet as possible. The doctors I have seen have all been very considerate, of good humour, and take the time to thoroughly explain the procedures, along with making sure any questions I had were answered, which definitely helped reassure me and made me feel much more at ease.

I have found that appointments can run behind schedule, so maybe some kind of warning on arrival may be helpful, but overall the service and support is excellent. Thanks alot everyone!  

Thank you for taking the time to let us know your positive feedback which we will pass onto the team.

With regards to over running appointments we will aim to let patients know if appointments are running behind time. 

November 2015

I attended an appointment to have a coil fitted in August. I would like to say a big thank you to the Doctor who did the procedure.

I was very anxious about it after a previous experience. She was very kind and reassuring and made the process considerably less anxiety provoking. Thank you!


Thank you for getting in touch! We really appreciate your positive feedback and will share your message with our staff.

October 2015 There isn't enough availability for appointments when ringing in advance. The staff are excellent and try their best but more appointments are needed when booking over the phone.

Clinics at our YorSexualHealth Cente at York (Monkgate) are very popular and unfortunately get booked up very quickly. In order to deal with the demand for appointments we have just opened up a full day of appointments on Wednesdays which we hope will reduce the problem.

August 2015 My appointment was the first appointment of the day. It would be good if you opened the clinic doors maybe 10 minutes before clinic actually starts as there were lots of people standing outside waiting to get in and this made me feel really nervous. 

We aim to open our doors 15 minutes before the first clinic appointment. We’re really sorry that this didn’t happen on the day you came, so we are reminding all of our staff how important this is.

We will also make sure that our doors are open at least 15 minutes before our Walk-in clinics start, so that people won’t have to wait outside for longer than necessary.

August 2015 The waiting room felt cramped as there were so many people there. I didn't like the way the seats were set out in rows and the chairs felt very close together. The whole waiting room set up just made me feel more anxious.

We will look at opening up additional waiting space and will re-arrange the chairs so that it feels less crowded.



August 2015 The doctor who took out my implant was great she explained the procedure, risks and aftercare really well and put me at ease. This meant the whole procedure went nice and smoothly.  

We really appreciate your feedback about our staff and will share your message with them.

August 2015 I contacted YorSexualHealth this morning for some advice and to make an appointment. I just wanted to say what a fantastic service you offer and how helpful and kind you were.  

Thank you! We really appreciate your feedback and will share your message with our staff.