We are experiencing a high demand for our services and we are working hard to make sure that you are seen as quickly as possible.

Our colleagues on the phone lines will need to ask questions to help ensure that our urgent appointments are available for those who are most unwell.

Patients with non-urgent issues may wait a little longer for an appointment but most will still be seen within 14 days.

Your GP may be able to help with your contraception needs.  

Please be patient with our colleagues and thank you for your understanding.


We are open if you require Sexual health/Contraception care, please continue to call our central booking line on 01904 721111 and press option 1.

Central booking line is open from - Monday – Thursday 8:15am – 5pm & Friday 8:15am – 4pm. Saturday 9am-12pm.

You will be assessed by our team and one of our nurses may call you to discuss the best way to get you the care you require.

If you are aged 17 and under, you can text us on 07973 775692 to make an appointment Monday-Thursday 8.15am-5pm and Friday 8.15am-4pm.

 If you are unable to speak on the phone for any other reason (i.e. hearing impairment or at risk within your home) you can email us on www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/york/contact-us/

If you require a STI screen only and you have no symptoms you may prefer to order a testing kit online from the website





For information on coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit https://www.yorsexualhealth.org.uk/coronavirus-corvid-19-information/

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Advice for York University students

York University Student feedback

Students from the University of York have been in touch to ask why they have recently had to experience long waits at our Monkgate Clinic.

We are sorry to hear that some students have experienced long wait times and appreciate how frustrating this can be.

Due to new contracting arrangements we now offer an integrated sexual health service, which means that both sexual health and contraception needs can be addressed in one consultation, reducing the need for our service users to use two different services, as has been the case in the past. This does mean however that some consultations can take up to 40 minutes, which may make it appear that a clinic is not busy. 

At Monkgate we run several appointment clinics alongside our walk-in service. This can mean that those people who have a booked appointment will often be seen soon after their arrival, whereas those attending the walk-in service will have to wait.

We aim to ensure that people attending our walk-in services should not have to wait longer than two hours before they are seen by a health professional. Unfortunately, there are times where unexpected situations cause delays, but we are committed to identifying and resolving any problems that contribute to long wait times.

We have some suggestions that may be of help to students at the University of York who wish to access our services:

  • We run a weekly service at the CII Building on the university campus, and at Wenlock Terrace, Fulford. This may be more convenient for some people
  • Booking an appointment is a good way of ensuring that wait times are kept to a minimum
  • Some services can be provided over the phone or by post – call our booking line on 01904 721111 for more information
  • Free chlamydia postal kits (under 25 year olds) are available here or from YUSU. Chlamydia is the most common STI in young people and often shows no symptoms.
  • Free condoms are available from all of our clinics as well as through YUSU.  We're are working closely with university students and YUSU to improve easy access to condoms throughout the campus.
  • We will soon be able to offer postal test kits for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV, reducing the need to come to clinic.
  • Free contraception is also available from all GPs including Unity Health.

We are always interested to hear your feedback, so that we can make further improvements to our service. If you would like to let us know your comments you can do so here.

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